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Awarded Yoga Acharyani Award – Sravanthi thumati

by sravanthiyoga

Sravanthi has been received the “Yoga Acharyani Award” from the Karnataka State Yoga Federation and SGS International Yoga Foundation College and Research Centre, Bangalore, on the occasion of the 5th National Yogasana Championship – August 2019 held in Bangalore.

For outstanding perfomance, dedication & Commitment towards promotion and propagation in the field of Yoga, recognition of her talent in Yoga and her services as a Yoga Teacher.

Overall, Sravanthi has been received 3 awards,

Awarded international yoga queen award – Thailand in 2013.
Awarded AbhyudayaShree award from Andhra Pradesh state, India in 2014.
Awarded Yoga Acharyani Award from Karnataka State Federation and SGS International Yoga Foundation College & Research Centre, Bangalore in August 2019.

She is the first International gold medallist in Andhra Pradesh, India.

She has been teaching yoga worldwide since 2006. and In 2013,
she won the gold medal in the prestigious International Yoga Sports Championship,

Overall in internationals, she became the first champion to have earned all 9 medals in the international yoga sports championship in her Yoga Career.

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