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Savasana (Corpse Pose) explanation and its Steps, Precautions and Benefits

by sravanthiyoga

Savasana commonly known as Corpse Pose in English is a relaxation pose. The Sanskrit name Shavasana comes from two words, the first Shava, which means the Corpse and the second Asana, which means Posture. In Sanskrit, this asana is also known as Mritasana (Dead Pose) as in this asana, the person is lying on the ground like a corpse. Usually done to relax the body after doing yoga poses. This asana is very useful for calming the mind and body, along with that there are several other benefits from Shavasana, but first, let’s start by knowing the steps to practice Shavasana.

Steps to practicing Savasana (Corpse Pose)

It is important to know the correct body position in the asanas to avoid all types of injuries and to get the maximum benefit from it. Following are the steps to practicing Shavasana correctly:

  • Lie flat and straight behind.
  • Place both arms at a distance of 15 cm (approximately) from the body. Keep both palms facing up. Keep hands one feet distance from the body.
  • keep 1 1/2 feet distance between both legs, so that it is slightly separated and makes you feel comfortable. Then, close both eyes.
  • Keep the head and spine in a fully straight line.
  • Do not let the head shake or fall to one or the other side.
  • Stop all types of physical movements and lie down peacefully. Relax mind and body.
  • Feel every breath in and out; let calm and calm your soul.
  • After resting for a while, start feeling the body and surroundings again. Then, release the posture gently and return to normal.

Lie down in this asana as long as you feel comfortable, but generally, 1-2 minutes is enough. For more comfortable exercise, a thin pillow or thinly folded cloth can be used under the head. Asana is more useful if done after doing heavy yoga or before meditation or sleeping.

Precautions for Savasana (corpse pose)

The precautions for Shavasana that must be remembered for safer practices are given below:

  • Avoid moving your body while practicing this asana because even the smallest movement can interfere with exercise.
  • Avoid practicing this asana in a disturbing atmosphere because interference can disturb your peace of mind.

Benefits of Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

The benefits of Shavasana for health that you would gradually experience with regular practice are:

  • Infuse new vigor and vitality into the body.
  • Improves digestion and stimulates appetite.
  • Improves the blood circulation of the body.
  • Eliminates all kinds of stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Useful for getting rid of depression and other mental problems.
  • Balances the functioning of all abdominal organs.
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes the whole body and mind.

Stay healthy, stay strong and get the best out of life.

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