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Yoga for Glowing Skin

by sravanthiyoga
To wake up every day for glowing skin you will need more than just the beauty sleep! We all have at some point in our lives have been tried and tested home remedies and diet are different for glowing skin, especially during the festive season for those perfect narcissistic. But do not need them all working. Plus, synthetic products can be harsh on the skin and side effects end up causing more harm than good.
It is no hidden fact that the skin care problems worry all. So if you have a question like
‘How could Yoga increases my skin?
Yoga will make my face glow?
Yoga is best for the shining face and fair skin? or
That Pranayama is best for glowing skin and skin care? and more, read on as we bring you some exclusive skin care tips which if you follow, will help you achieve the skin naturally glowing and radiant:
Stay hydrated:
  • A unique universal solvent, water is the best medicine of all and the proper intake throughout the day is the best way to keep yourself hydrated.
  • In addition to water other liquids such as buttermilk, lemon, honey and lemon juice or even natural fruit / vegetables such as strawberries, cucumber, mint leaves or lemon slices coarse crushed added to water has important mineral that will benefit the skin.
  • Experts recommend that people should ideally drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of liquid every day. This not only will help you rejuvenate, but prevents your skin from turning dull and flaky.
Sattvik Diet:
  • Rich in antioxidants and low spices, Sattvic diet is a blessing for a person’s skin. Including seasonal fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables such as spinach, methi, green tea, etc. is a great way to detoxify and reduce inflammation of the skin.
  • Omega 3 rich foods like flaxseeds, olive oil, nuts, etc. should also be included in moderate amounts in your daily diet. Along with this, drink vegetable and fruit juice and green tea eliminates toxins and free radicals from the body.
  • A healthy and active body inadvertently cause skin glow. When we exercise, we tend to sweat, which is one of the best ways to detoxify and help us breathe better skin, naturally.
Asanas like Pavanamuktasana. and Hastapadasana keep the digestive system in shape. Also, all bent forward like Asana Yoga Mudra, Paschimottanasana brings blood circulation to the head area, thereby improving the skin glow.
Anulom-Vilom or alternating breathing exercises help to balance the pulse. This is the best way to de-stress and add a youthful glow to your skin.
  • Vaman Dhauti Kriya is a natural way to detoxify and cleanse the entire system. It also removes excess heat from the body and prevention of acne.
  • Jala Neti and Ship Bhati also several effective ways to achieve glowing skin young and dreamy. (Related Processes second blog on the website)
So it’s acne, dull, inflammation or other problems, Yoga is the science of prevention that will help you take care of yourself and your skin. Last but not least, laughter is the best medicine to age gracefully and have glowing skin. So earnest smile and happy!

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