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Titli Asana2 (Butterfly Pose)/Bhadrasana explanation and its Steps, Precautions and Benefits

by sravanthiyoga

The names of Yoga asanas are inspired by the movements or similarities of animals / birds. Titli asana inherits its name from the movement of a butterfly’s flying wings. When doing this pose, your feet move like a flying butterfly. The word Titli stands for Butterfly and Asana stands for Posture. Useful in stimulating the reproductive and digestive organs, practicing Butterfly Pose also has several other benefits. But first, let’s start by knowing the steps to practice Titli Asana (Butterfly Pose).

Steps to practice Titli Asana (Butterfly Pose)

Body misalignment or application of strength when practicing asanas can cause injury or other complications in the body. Therefore, it is very important to know the right method for practicing asanas. Following are the steps to practice Titli Asana (Butterfly Pose) correctly:

Starting Position: Sit with your legs stretched straight in front, legs together without touching each other. The back, neck and head are straight and comfortable. Hands on the side, palms facing down resting on the floor behind the buttocks. Relaxed body.

Variation 1

This variation is also known as Ardha Titli Asana (Half Butterfly Pose).

  • Bend your right leg slowly and carefully place your right foot on the left leg thigh. Try to get the heel of your right foot close to the pelvic area as much as you can.
  • The right foot must face up. Place your right hand on your right knee and hold your right foot with your left hand.
  • Gently move your right knee to your chest with the support of your hands, then slowly lower the floor with your knees without using force.
  • The spine must be upright throughout the workout.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the left foot too.

Practice 10-20 times with each leg with slow and gentle up and down movements.

Variation 2

  • Bend your knees closer to your pelvic area. The soles of the feet must be pressed against each other. Keep your heels as close as possible to the pelvis without giving strength.
  • Interlock your fingers and hold your feet firmly, you can also place your hands under your feet for better handling. The outer edge of your foot must be placed firmly on the floor.
  • Gently press your thighs down and try to hold them for a few seconds.
  • Remove the thighs and start flapping up and down without tiring, similar to the wings of a butterfly. Don’t force your knees.
  • Gradually increase the flapping movement. Continue this process for one minute or count 10-30 up and down movements. While flapping, the foot may move away from the body, keeping it close to the pelvis.
  • After the exercise straightens the front leg returns to the starting position.

Precautions for Titli Asana (Butterfly Pose)

Before practicing an asana, be aware of precautions to avoid future complications:

  • Keep your spine straight during exercise.
  • Make sure you don’t use the power of kneeling while practicing this asana. Just push your thighs down.
  • If you experience knee discomfort, place a blanket under the thigh for support.
  • If you suffer from one of these conditions, avoid practicing Butterfly Pose: Knee or groin injuries, sciatica, sacred conditions.

Benefits of Titli Asana (Butterfly Pose)

With regular practice, one can experience the health benefits of the following Butterfly Pose:

  • Works as a preparatory pose for meditative asanas such as Padmasana (Lotus Pose).
  • Practicing this asana gives a good stretch in the groin, inside the thighs and knees.
  • Improves intestinal and intestinal motions.
  • Useful for pregnant women for a natural and healthy delivery of the child.
  • Regulates irregular menstruation and helps relieve menstrual pain.
  • Beneficial for people who spend long hours walking and standing while relieving the lower limbs.

Stay healthy, stay strong and get the best out of life.

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