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How Yoga and Fitness Sessions Improved My Life

by sravanthiyoga
Yoga and Fitness Can Improve Living Quality
Want to know the most life-changing decision you can make in your life this very moment? It’s starting to keep track your fitness if you haven’t already begun. There are so many wonderful activities to get you outside and enjoy the fresh air, scented flowers, and warm sun on your skin. You don’t have to be a gym rat or strive for an Olympian lifestyle. It’s as simple as going for a 30 minute walk, going for a nice run, doing some body weight exercises, or have a nice yoga session. You want to know something else? Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for taking the time and giving it the proper attention. Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank us. This one is on the house.
Empowering the Mind
A lot of people feel that exercising might make them exhausted or simply have no time after a long day at work. We think we have banished all those excuses once we had a good routine going. The way we like to think about it is that exercise is the invigoration that the body needs to wake up for the droll of the laborious daily life. However, with all the feel-good endorphins and oxygen-rich blood reaching the brain, you’ll not only feel like you’ve been productive but will be running on some high-quality happiness. It’s a mystery why more people don’t put in the time.
Did you know that the mind and body are also linked? Ever notice how high-level performers like musicians, actors, doctors, or firefighters are able to accomplish so much and respected too? It’s because they have taken the time to elevate their body and their minds by working out and staying active. Knowing intelligently to keep both at high levels will make you more successful, healthy, and productive. You can’t raise one without the other as they are of mutual relationship. Are you starting to see the mental picture now?
Fortifying the Body
The body is our temple and we only get one. A well-oiled machine performs better with regular activity. Not only will your mind and body feel better, but your body will also start craving more healthy foods for its growth. I just hope you’re not that person who craves ice cream or fried chicken after exercise. We can just unpin that wagon right now because that’s not really what your body wants, it’s just advertisements on televisions that you see.
Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats will also help you feel better mentally and help your workouts to be more productive too! Your skin and face will also show it too. I mean, who doesn’t want to look good too?
Observations in Your Life
If you take good care of yourself with food, exercise, and sleep, we would be surprised to hear if you don’t feel better than ever. What we first noticed was the mentality of “ugh, I don’t want to”, which has become “yea, I’ll give that a try” or even “yup, I can do that”. We had more energy throughout the day to tackle all of life’s challenges. No longer did we feel sluggish or requiring a nap after a carb/fat/sugar heavy meal, but we were experiencing a steady burn of energy from the healthy foods that we eat.
We noticed our quality of sleep was even better than before as we woke up not feeling groggy and ready to hop out of bed to start our day. Lastly, a yoga session or exercise session has become a ritual in which we escape from the world to de-stress and enjoy our dedicated time. Our time is valuable so it should be treated as such.
Got Started Yet?
Life can get in the way, we get that. It’s about starting small as you build a strong habit. Try 5-10 minutes a day first and increase slowly. You will notice your willpower increase with every session that you decide to complete. Fitness pals make great buddies to have friendly repartee and laughs with as it is a good exercise for the mind too. Our relationships with our fitness pals have grown more and more with every session and it feels great! Are you struggling to get your life on track? Maybe give a fitness class a try at the local gym, start a home workout program in your backyard, or even give yoga retreats a whirl. If you finish it and feel great, no thanks is necessary. We are paying it forward because we feel great if you feel great. Salute to your healthy lifestyle.

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