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Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose) explanation and its Steps, Precautions and Benefits

by sravanthiyoga

Marjariasana commonly known as Cat Pose and Cat Stretch Pose in English is a back stretching posture. The Sanskrit name Marjariasana is composed of two words, Marjari and Asana, where Marjari means cat and asana which means posture. When practicing this asana, the body is stretched in the same way as that of a cat, hence its name. This asana is useful for relieving menstrual cramps as it massages the female reproductive system. There are also several other benefits of Marjariasana, but first, let us inform you about the steps of Marjariasana practice.

Steps to practice marjariasana (stretchable cat laying)

It is very important to know the correct alignment of the body in an asana to avoid any kind of injury and to reap maximum benefits. Here are the steps to practice marjariasana properly:

  • Sit in Vajrasana, standing on your knees.
  • Bend forward. Place hands flat on the floor, palms facing down and fingers facing forward.
  • Keep your hands aligned with your knees. Keep your arms and thighs perpendicular to the floor. This is the starting position.
  • Inhale a deep breath and raise the head along with putting stress on the spine in the downward direction, so that the back can turn into a concave shape.
  • Expand the abdomen as much as possible without forcing; fill the lungs with maximum air possible. Hold breath for a minimum of 3 seconds. Exhale and lower the head while stretching the spine in the upward direction.
  • Then contract the expanded abdomen and pull in the buttocks.
  • Leave the head between the arms facing the thighs.
  • Hold your breath for 3 seconds, emphasizing the arch and contraction of the abdomen. Relax and practice again.

A minimum of 3-5 rounds must be performed when practicing this asana for general purposes. In specific cases, the number of turns can be increased. It is most effective when practiced after Vajrayana practice.

Precautions for Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose)

The precautions to take for Marjariasana are the following:

  • It is advisable to pay attention by dilating and contracting the abdomen.
  • Do not stretch the body beyond its limits as this may cause pain and muscle tension
  • When performing this asana during pregnancy, one should only stretch the abdomen very slightly.
  • People with a head or knee injury should avoid doing this asana.

These are the precautions for Marjariasana for a safer practice.

Benefits of Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose)

The health benefits of Marjariasana are:

  • Practicing this asana on a regular basis improves body posture, strengthens muscles and joints.
  • Gently massage the abdominal area and increase the flexibility of the spine, shoulders and neck.
  • Improves circulation of the blood in the body from which a better circulation.
  • Practicing this asana is beneficial for women because it tones the female reproductive system, relieves menstrual cramps.

All these benefits are the main benefits of Marjariasana, which can be experienced gradually during a regular practice.

Stay healthy, stay strong and get the best out of life.

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