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Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) explanation and its Steps, Precautions and Benefits

by sravanthiyoga
The Sanskrit name Trikonasana is derived from two words, Trikona meaning Triangle and Asana meaning Posture. It’s quite logical to start wondering the shape of a triangle on hearing the name Triangle Pose. Body’s posture seems similar to the shape of a triangle in the final position of this pose. Trikonasana is extremely beneficial for strengthening the joints and stretching the muscles of the body. Apart from this, Trikonasana has a lot of other benefits which one can experience on practicing it regularly. But first, let’s begin by knowing the steps to practice Trikonasana.
Steps to practice Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
Starting Position: Stand upright keeping the spine erect, head straight, feet together with big toes and heels slightly touching each other. Hands to the side of the body. The weight of the body should neither be on the heels nor on the toes but distributed evenly on both of them. Relax and take deep breaths.
  • Move the legs 3-4 feet distance apart. Raise both the arms straight out to the sides, in line with the shoulders and parallel to the floor with the palms facing downwards.
  • Move the right foot to the outside direction. Turn the left foot slightly to the inward direction. The knees must remain straight throughout the practice.
  • Slowly begin to bend the trunk towards the right side. Make sure the body doesn’t go in the forward direction.
  • Once the trunk is completely bent the hand must be close to the right ankle with the fingers slightly touching the floor.
  • Ideally the right palm rest on the floor. Avoid forcing this position as with regular practice it comes easily on the floor.
  • Stretch the left arm vertically. Move the head in the upward direction and look straight.
  • Hold the position for a minute or half or even lesser in the beginning. Gradually increasing the time as you begin to feel more comfortable.
  • To return, lift the arms first and then slowly move the trunk back in the upright position. Relax the body.
Practice this asana 1-3 times on both the sides.
Precautions for Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • Don’t overstretch the body while practicing this asana as it may cause unnecessary pain or injury.
  • If the neck begins to hurt in the upward direction, slightly lower it.
  • Avoid practicing this asana in case of severe pain in the neck, back or shoulders.
  • People suffering from any of these conditions should avoid practicing this asana: any kind of injury in the knee, arthritis, vertigo, spinal disorders, high blood pressure, breathing trouble, migraine, heart problem or cervical spondylitis.
Benefits of Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • Gives strength to the ankles and knees.
  • Tones and massages the pelvic area and the reproductive organs.
  • Alleviates muscle cramps and helps in reducing the back and neck pain.
  • Stretches the back, neck, thighs, legs, arms and shoulders. Helps in reducing waistline fat.
  • Highly beneficial in getting rid of indigestion, constipation, acidity and gastric troubles.
  • Gives an intense stretch to the spine and enhances its Strengthens the spinal nerves.
  • Removes the stiffness of the neck and shoulders. Beneficial in correcting the misalignment of the shoulders.
  • Helpful in getting rid of anxiety and depression as it stimulates the whole functioning of the nervous system.

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