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Yoga Poses for Bulging Cervical Disc

by sravanthiyoga
Our neck bones form the upper part of the spinal column called cervical. A human’s neck consists 7 vertebrae that carry the weight of the head. Each of these vertebrae plays different roles in the movements and twisting of the neck. Inside these vertebrae, there is a soft cushion called disc that holds all the vertebrae together. These discs also work as shock absorber and allow the mobility of the neck and back.
Whenever there is something wrong with any of these discs, you will experience pain. Generally, neck pain may originate due to poor body posture or unhealthy lifestyle. This kind of pain comes from the muscles, not from the vertebrae, it goes on its own or with little care. If the pain is severe and continues to keep getting worse gradually, it is a clear sign that you might have some issue with your discs.

The common reason behind disc problems is mostly aging, but if you engage in strenuous activities without proper knowledge and guidance you may also have a high risk of causing disc problems. Another major reason could be an accident which might have injured your neck severely. What happens sometimes is that the disc gets ruptured and the fluid-filled inside it begins leaking. This leaked fluid then begins to impact the surrounding nerves, which in return causes severe pain in the neck. Even a simple exercise as walking becomes painful in such condition.
Fortunately, a bulging disc can be healed properly. There are ways through which this process can be reversed by practicing some specific exercises and yoga postures. Though it is going to take time, consistency in practice, healthy lifestyle and obviously healthy diet. Out of all these things, the most important one is to listen to your body. While some movements may be reliving for a person the very same may aggravate pain in other. So be very careful with the practice and ensure to consult with your doctor or physician before you begin. Let’s move to the yoga postures that help resolve a bulging neck disc.
Practice Note: If you have never practiced yoga before, hold the mentioned poses only for a few seconds for a week. If you feel a positive effect, gradually increase the time. It is best to practice in the presence of an experienced and recognized yoga therapist.
1. Advasana (Reverse Corpse Pose)
Start with the most simple, effective and relaxing posture Advasana which is widely known as reverse corpse pose. You may remain in this posture for as long as you feel comfortable. Practice on a folded blanket to make it more comfortable for your neck.
2. Jyestikasana (Superior Pose)
Very beneficial pose for those suffering from cervical spondylitis or any other neck problems. While being in Advasana, interlock your fingers and gently place your palms on the back of your head. Let the elbow rest on the floor and you are now in Superior Pose. Hold for a few seconds breathing normally.
3. Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose)
Use a soft pillow or lightly folded blanket to rest your forehead in Rabbit Pose. This yoga pose removes all the stress from each spinal vertebra and relaxes all the discs. It is also quite relaxing for the nerves that pass through the spinal column.
4. Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)
Gently raise your upper body and place both of your palms below your cheeks. Makarasana releases compression of the spinal nerves. It helps the spinal column to get back into its normal shape. Focus your awareness on the tailbone slowly moving it to the neck and vice versa, as you inhale and exhale respectively.
5. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Come into Cobra Pose right from Makarasana. This yoga pose is widely famous in strengthening the back muscles but it is equally beneficial for those who suffer from cervical spondylitis. Raise the body less than the actual pose initially. Raise more as you begin to get comfortable.
After practicing all the poses, relax in Shashankasana again. Be aware and be gentle with your body while you practice.

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